Our Team

jill dartnay.



Jill D’Artenay was born and raised in Philadelphia, she moved to San Diego in 1999. She graduated from Cal State San Marcos with a Business Degree and began my career in event sales for On Broadway Event Center/ Visco Entertainment right out of college. Jill worked for various event venues in downtown San Diego before leaving the industry in 2008. She kept her business contacts and that is what brought her to Parq today.

Jill chose to work at Parq because of the people. "Not only is Parq an amazing venue to sell, but the people I get to work with are stellar. Veronica is a dedicated sales manager willing to go above and beyond. Hugo and I go waaaaay back to the On Broadway days. We have a great working relationship and I know I can count on them to help me bring my events to life and ultimately please our clients!"

Jill doesn’t think there is a “typical” day in the sales department. Days vary from site tours with prospective clients, to checking emails, writing proposals, sending contracts, meeting with local Destination management companies, visiting the Convention Center to build relationships and detailing every aspect of upcoming events. The list goes on and on…"that’s why I love what I do. Never a dull moment."

How would your friends describe you in one sentence.
The life of the party!

What's your biggest nightclub pet peeve?
Dirty bathrooms

What's your favorite memory working in the nightlife/ restaurant industry?
Doing an event at On Broadway for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. I have done many celebrity events, but this one was intense with secret service on the roof. I have the photo of me and the Terminator always displayed in my house

What are you most excited/passionate about?
My husband and 3 kidsJ I am in Mom-mode when I am not selling and executing events!

Favorite drink?
Moscow Mule